I have only had one other experience with Vedic Astrology and it felt very confusing and complicated. This was not the case when I recently had a reading with Lexie. She is so real and it was very easy to connect with her. I felt her compassion, spirituality, and insight throughout the reading. I experienced both her enthusiasm and honoring of my journey. It was clearly a big reading in terms of the transition I am in and I was a bit overwhelmed, yet Lexie’s presence helped me take it all in. I am already starting to experience the aspects she referenced and one of the greatest gifts is to feel that I am exactly where I need to be; though there is work to be done on my part, I no longer have any worry about my future. Lexie is a treasure and I am so blessed to have what will be the first of many opportunities to work with her.
-Ashi, Spiritual Soul Coach, Declutter Expert, www.graceyourspace.com, Denver, CO


As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I immediately recognized the depth and breadth of Alexia's knowledge and wisdom. Though truly what struck me more than that was her cut-to-the quick wit and grounded perspective. Lexie excels in taking a seemingly esoteric art--of Vedic Astrology--and lives it, breathes it into life in a way that allows her clients to take what she reads and put it into practice right away. I appreciate that she does not say what I want to hear, but what resonates with her own sense of authenticity, integrity and truth. As a client for several years, I've had the chance to see her forecasts born out into my day-to-day in an sometimes eerily precise echo. Lexie won't give you a panacea; her integrity and being is not of that ilk. Even better than a cure-all, she serves a conduit and voice for Divine wisdom, which, ultimately guides you back to your self. I hesitated to seek a Jyotish for too many years. Even as a long-time yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner because I wasn't sure it would resound with the kind of groundedness I hope to keep as a hallmark of my practice. Talking with Lexie has been one of the most transfiguring experiences of my life. Not only do I realize how I needed to open to grace, but I can also see a soul sister in this woman who doesn't fall in our new age "woo woo" category, but dead center in the real stuff of living. If you ever have a question about the utility of a reading, feel free to contact me at mail@lisamunger.com
--Lisa Munger, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor, Des Moines, IA


The Vedic Astrological Reading I received from Lexie was not only uncanny in its synchronistic insight, but was infused with the healing energy of Loving-Kindness. Her reading provided an intuitive perspective and understanding that helped provide context and reassurance during a difficult period in my life. With her big open heart and knowledge rooted in the fertile soil of Ayurveda, I truly recommend her unique counsel to all those who inquire as they journey on their life's path.
-Brian, Jacksonville Beach, FL


Lexie gave me the most in-depth and inspiring reading I have ever had. The combination of the reading experience itself and having information to go back to and mine more out of later was (and continues to be) incredibly helpful. The professional, kind, and trusting space that she provided during the reading really opened up the experience so we could find many larger and subtle points and paths together upon which further exploration can be built, which for me was a real gift. P.S. don’t miss her very informative Ayurvedic workshops, they are gems!
-Lisa, Jersey City, NJ


Working with Alexia has not only helped to provide me with boundless information and fresh perspective on life, but it has given me inspiration and the validation of my truth needed to help me to trust, magnify and begin manifesting my deepest intentions in this world.                   
-Nathaniel, Boulder, CO


Alexia has an amazing gift for interpretation and she was really able to paint a clear picture of my current planetary influences as well as the general planetary energy surrounding my birth chart. She explained things in a down-to-earth way so that I could immediately begin to remedy some planetary ills and plan for the future. At the time I spoke to her, there were a lot of strange happenings in my life of which she was able to make sense. In fact, I was so impressed that I set up a consultation as a gift for my husband's 30th birthday. Lexie is a truly gifted guide and I will continue to seek her consult throughout the years for business advice, personal direction, and other major events.
-Laura, Chicago, IL


Having my Vedic astrology reading with Lexie was like sitting with a scholar, poet, old friend, good witch and hundreds of deities simultaneously! Her weaving and telling of the "my" story was so kaleidoscopic and textural. It stands as one of the most useful tools for true growth and change I've ever experienced. May all of our stories be read! Namaste.
-Tracey, Boulder, CO


Lexie is an excellent Vedic Astrologer with a keen eye for detail who is equally as good at piecing together the broad picture of your astrological chart as a whole. She is very good at making this information accessible and understandable to anyone regardless of their previous knowledge of Vedic and/or western astrology. She was born (probably a few times!) to do this work. Thanks.                     
-Josh, Boulder, CO


In her readings of one's life, Lexie synergistically combines profound knowledge of astrology with insights from Ayurveda and deep comprehension of a person's life. Lexie has a gift to grasp a holistic picture of life, and to weave the layers of understanding, through past, present and future. Events that seemed to be occasional come out with meaning and message for the future. We can't change many things that are predestined for us, but we can learn how to empower ourselves to meet the challenges with awareness, dignity and power. Lexie guides you to help identify the areas that have to be left to the past. At the same time she helps to notice the first signs of new paths, new open doors, new possibilities and new life manifestations. Lexie's insights go beyond "what to expect" to how to be prepared to what is coming so that you can enjoy yourself as a creative, joyful, healthy being in peace with yourself and your environment. Her Ayurvedic background provides a rich base for advice in particular food, energy balance, exercise and in general, way of life. You would discover yourself from a whole new perspective. It is like meeting Yourself -- someone you really love to know.
-Anastasia, Southern New Jersey


Lexie is a true gem in the world of Jyotish. My first reading with a well-known Vedic Astrologer left me feeling disappointed and confused. Thinking I would never pursue Vedic Astrology again, a kind friend hooked me up with Lexie. After just one reading, I was touched to the core by her intellect, intuition, wisdom and compassion. The connections she made with my life choices and my chart have brought a completely new perspective and purpose to my life. Since my reading, I have referred several other friends to Lexie. We cannot stop talking about our positive experience with Lexie. She has a way of empowering you to take ownership of your chart, your life and your choices. She has the incredible ability to conceptualize the "big picture" of life, something that would take me an entire life to accomplish. Lexie offers several lifestyle recommendations to help make your path and life flow with greater ease. It is not just her knowledge of astrology and Ayurveda that makes her successful. She has the unique ability of understanding and experiencing the energy and spirit of her client. Her heart-centered and spiritually-infused work, combined with her down-to-earth nature, makes her an awe-inspiring intuitive healer. The search for the "perfect" astrologer is over...I have arrived at my destination!
-Courtney, Madison, WI


How very important to me to have met Lexie at this time. Her abilities are truly amazing. Everything she said was pertinent and necessary for me to hear. Sometimes we need to need to know, from others, that what we perceive is really a possibility. At an extreme low in my life, she’s brought me some peace and a renewed belief in myself and in the Universe.
-Phyllis, St. Pete Beach, FL


I listen to Lexie for a hand to hold through the dark.
-Mike, Upstate New York


I called Lexie to get information on Vedic Astrology and felt compelled to set up a session with her over the phone. I wasn't sure about doing the reading long distance, but was amazed at how accurate she was when describing my chart. It was like she knew me my entire life! Lexie is incredibly intuitive and very easy to talk to. The reading helped me develop a better understanding about things I had been going through and gave me a sense of what to look forward to in the future. I was so impressed with the reading that I recommended her to six different people right off the bat, four of which scheduled a reading with her that same month. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with such a gifted and compassionate person like Lexie.
-Casie, Kewaskum, WI


Lexie has been my astrologer for the last few years, and every prediction she has ever made for my life has come true! Like seeing when I’ll have big changes at work, when money is coming to me, when love is ready to come my way, when it’s time to make a career change, when I should take proactive steps in all areas of my life. Because Lexie so sensitively understands my nature and astrological chart, her advice is so precious! Her sensitivity, kindness and affirming personality, understanding astrology, and her ability to understand people’s natures is what makes her so exception for a life guide and astrologer. Anybody who wants an astrologer, Lexie is for you!
-Phoebe, New York, NY


For years, all I’ve thought about and thought about and thought about was, “Why am I here?” and “What am I suppose to be doing?” “There’s got to be more!” Thanks to your Vedic Astrology reading, everyday I get closer and closer to fulfilling my purpose. Defining a major part of me has had a tremendous impact on my life. All I can say is Thank You for the clarity, direction, the focus and the awareness. Love and light to you always.
-Sandy, New York, NY


I had the pleasure of having a reading from Lexie and found it most helpful in understanding my true nature and where I was headed over the next few years. I also saw the opportunity to grow from her words… when I would experience an aspect of myself that Lexie had mentioned might not support the whole, I recognized, observed and let go. I was able to do so because I could identify the pattern that Lexie’s reading had drawn awareness to… most helpful. I also found her a great help with timing; many experiences have been, some subtle, some grand, once again I was able to know what was happening and the fullness of its nature.
-Kaeleya, Shadow Hills, CA


Lexie has a way with people that is indescribable… I had never had a reading done before. This would be my first. How glad I was that I did have one. I was at a crossroads in my life and was looking forward to the reading for some guidance. I got more than I bargained for. It felt like I was looking into my soul. The deepest well of thoughts came to surface, allowing partial resolve. There were parts of the reading that just made sense at the time, and have slowly come to fruition over time. One thing is for sure....Lexie spoke about my trials and tribulations in the past and how now they were past me and that it was my time to shine. Well, 4 months later, I have moved to Bali, Indonesia, am with a company I love, will sign a new multi-year contract within one week and boy I am shining more than could have imagined such a short time ago. I highly recommend a reading to anyone interested in looking at their inner, true self.
-Steven, Bali, Indonesia


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