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Jyotish, commonly known as Vedic Astrology, means the “science of light” and is a sister science to Ayurveda and Yoga. It’s a powerful tool that not only offers wonderful insight but truly helps us to align with our “dharma” (or “higher purpose”, its meaning for Vedic sciences). A Jyotish reading is always insightful, and helps us to understand what planetary energies we are working with at any given time. It is particularly helpful in clarifying lingering questions an individual might have. While readings many times are fun and exciting, they can also bring up our challenging spots in life. It is a good idea to keep both aspects in mind when going into a reading. All readings are digitally recorded and emailed to you, or can be copied to a CD and mailed for a small additional fee. For more information on how others have experienced Jyotish readings, please see testimonials.

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Full Reading
This is the first reading to have and is helpful before going on with additional readings. Many people are drawn to having their charts read for many reasons: they are at a crossroads, they feel “stuck”, or they have just always wanted to have their chart read and the time felt right. Whatever the reason, there is always an interest in their personal and inner growth and a longing to connect in a deeper and more fulfilling way. This overall reading is tremendously insightful and includes:

•  1.5-hour Vedic Astrology Reading, digitally recorded and emailed to you: The reading link will not expire, however it is recommended to download the reading onto your computer. If there are issues with downloading, I’m happy to send a CD (MP3 or audio needs to be specified). Listening to the recording periodically is recommended as you will hear different aspects of the reading at different times in your life. What you are able to hear and digest today will certainly be different next week or next year. Keeping the reading accessible so you are able to refer to it and continue to grow from it is recommended.

•  The 4 Life Motivations specific to you:
    DHARMA your ethics, morals, purpose or life path
    ARTHA your sense of security, when you feel strong in your core, and how you make money
    KAMA your deeper enjoyments and desires that fuel you on your path
    MOKSHA your sense of freedom and spiritual liberation

•  Special focus on RAHU and KETU, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, which are past life/karmic indicators, help us to see what our past life gifts are as well as what areas to focus on this lifetime. They can pinpoint what areas in life can eclipse us, and around what areas we may have doubt or confusion. The nodes are the “karmic dragons” which we jump on, most times unknowingly, yet we feel their effects instantly: chaos and confusion are usually their trademark energies. Knowing how to manage these times and make the most of them, what remedies will support you during this time, and how long they will last will be discussed.

•  Special focus on GULIKA, also known as “Black Saturn.” This mathematical point in the chart connected to Saturn shows us what we can’t avoid even if we try to put our hand up to it. It is the “tricky spot” in life that needs to be embraced with courage and enthusiasm as it will present itself over and over. Traditionally is said to “poison” the space it resides in the chart as well as the connections it has. What we find is that it is the humility maker, always giving opportunities for true detachment and ego removal, without neglecting this aspect of ourselves but rather loving and embracing it. Gulika placements eventually become amazing tools for spiritual growth. Many people learn that often times their lives revolve around their Gulika placements.

  Special health focus on your potential health inclinations and your ayurvedic constitution, as well as what modalities will bring balance back. Ayurveda, the “Mother of all Medicine” and “the Science of Life”, is the ancient healing tradition from India. Its basic tenet of “for whom and when” makes its approach to health and healing very personalized. There are divisional charts based upon our birth chart which focus specifically on health and cures. These charts are always discussed in a reading.

•  Predictive techniques and proper timing: your personal dasha sequence, transits and planetary remedy recommendations: "Dashas" are planetary time periods which present a sort of road map for our lives and are specific to Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). Think of your chart as a stage and each planet as an actor. When its “part” (or dasha) comes up, it takes center stage in life and all of the excitement and challenges which may come along with that particular planet get highlighted. We are always connecting with the various planets at different times; which one is receiving major attention is the key to understanding why certain things happen in life and why other things seem to lay dormant. Transits show us where the planets are sitting in the sky right now, and how they may be affecting us. Even though we are all experiencing the same transits, where they sit in our own charts will differ. Essentially, dashas and transits are there to help us timing things accordingly. And lucky for us, there are also remedies for planetary ills and to help calm a particularly grumpy planet or help to activate a planet that may need some extra support whether it is in our birth chart, our personal dasha sequence or due to a current transit. Planetary remedies can be anything from taking time to yourself on a particular day of the week, wearing certain colors and gemstones on a certain day of the week or for a certain time period, to observing a fast or chanting a specific mantra to appease a planet. All remedies are discussed and you should feel comfortable with them as sincerity and perspective are everything when it comes to working on our personal planetary issues.

•  Any special planetary energies presenting, such as Saturn Return, Sadi Sati (a special transit Saturn makes to the Moon), recent Eclipses, and so on.

•  Basic planetary lines chart and information on what places in the world support which aspects of your chart and being.

•  Basic NUMEROLOGY for your name, birthday and personal year.

Full Reading cost $180.00 for 1.5 hours

A shorter version of the overall initial reading which highlights your personal “planetary weather” (focusing on the dasha sequence and transits), and one question presented by the client. This reading can be used in whatever way you need: to get a quick reading on your chart (whether it’s a first reading or you are an old client), to gain insight into a certain event (as in health issues that have been arising or why a relationship isn’t seeming to work), to help get support around timing for an event (like a move), or to simply understand what is going on in general right now. Sometimes a quick yet powerful check-in is all we need. Birth date, exact time and place are needed to proceed with this reading.

$60.00 for 30 minutes

$90.00 for 45 minutes

$120.00 for 60 minutes

One Question Reading via Email
Although recommended, you don’t need to do a full reading to get a burning question answered. Many specific questions can be answered via email by sending a detailed question along with the date, time and place the question arose. If you don’t recall this information then the timing of the email is used to pull up a chart for the answer. If you have done an overall initial reading or even a mini-reading, the answer to the emailed question can be checked against your birth chart for additional clarity and certainty. A response can be expected within a week of sending the email, unless an out-of-office reply states otherwise.

$25.00 per question

Auspicious Timing Reading
There are different times astrologically that are supportive of certain events. If you have a major life event approaching, it is a good idea to get a reading for when is most supportive and auspicious for that event to take place. This can include anything from taking a trip to scheduling a business meeting or conference to planning for pregnancy. It is preferable to have an initial overall reading or a mini-reading done beforehand so the timing can be checked against your personal chart. Having a time frame of when you prefer this event to occur and where it will be is helpful in narrowing down an exact date and time.

$200.00 for 1.5 hours

Compatibility Reading
A great reading to have for anyone in relationship, whether it is romantic or business. Included in the reading: each individual’s 4 life motivations (dharma, artha, kama, moksha – see Full Reading above for more details), and how these align with the each other. Each person’s overall chart energetcis, dasha sequences and how they relate to each other will also be addressed, as well as the Ashkoot Guna Compatibility rating (a traditional technique for rating compatibility). All birth info is needed for each partner (birth date, exact time, place), as well as the exact date for when the union began.

$200.00 for 1.5 hours

Planning Your Wedding Reading
This reading is critical for those entering into a marriage. It includes mini-readings for both partners as well as figuring out a date and time for the wedding. Timing will be down to a roughly 15 minute window in which time the vows are exchanged. It is important to have the exact birth dates, times and places for each partner, as well as a bracket of time for when and where you would like to have the ceremony. I will come up with the best 3 options for the date, as well as any potential remedies needed for each partner and/or for the date.

$200.00 for 1.5 hours

Marriage Chart Reading
Whether you planned your wedding date and time astrologically or not, having a special reading for when you said your vows is helpful in understanding the dynamics of the union. As in an individual’s birth chart, there are timings for the union which can be exciting or challenging. Planning life’s major events together (like when to move, make a big purchase, expand the family) can all be addressed by looking into the marriage chart. This reading is also important for couples wishing to get the most out of their partnership, to understand each other and the union on a deeper level. This reading is not only wonderful for newlyweds but for those who have already been together for years. Clients have found this reading helps to strengthen their relationship to each other and to the union, and as well as to understand how each individual interacts in the union. It is recommended but not necessary that both partners are present for the reading. Expressed approval is required by both partners in order to look at the marriage chart.

$200.00 for 1.5 hours

Chart Reading for Your Child
This special reading is a must for any parent! It will highlight much of what is included in the Initial Overall Reading, as well as basic compatibility with parents and siblings. Special attention is usually given to health and educational choices (ie: is alternative schooling or a more traditional approach better for my child?) Please note that the classic texts state that one must wait at least 25 days before doing the chart of a newborn. Also understand that children will let us know a lot about their natural inclinations and predispositions, but they will only let us go so far with a chart reading (hence the reason for covering “much” of what is covered in an overall reading). After all, it’s their life and they have the wheel! This reading is to empower parents and children alike. Birth info (date, exact time, place) is needed for each chart being looked at.

$180.00 for 1.5 hours

Additional Charts
Additional charts can be read during each reading for an additional $25 per chart. Expressed approval is necessary to look into additional charts unless you are the parent or guardian of a minor whose chart is being discussed.

$25.00 per chart

Chart Rectification
can be done if you are unsure of your birth time. Please send along the time you believe you were born (for example, early morning meaning 2am or 6am, or between 2-2:30am). Also send a list of about 5 exact dates (month, day, year) of major life events (such as marriage, divorce, deaths or births in the family, higher degrees earned, major moves in career or residence, spiritual awakenings or meetings with teachers). Having multiples of certain events can be helpful (as in births or deaths, moves or degrees earned, etc).



The Venus Reading
What days are you most beautiful? When is love coming? What will help you achieve a balanced and loving relationship? What is your best creative expression? A special 30 minute reading with the focus on Venus, the planet of love, will help reveal answers to these questions. How Venus expresses in your birth chart will be examined, as well as the houses of love, romance, creativity, relationship and intimacy. The reading can give time frames of when love is coming, as well as descriptions of what your potential partner will be like. What days to indulge in your personal needs and creative side will also be highlighted, as well as any remedies needed to better support and uplift your personal Venus placement. An exciting, fun and informative reading to help you to better align with Venus and the goddess within.

$60.00 for 30 minutes

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What is needed for your reading:

1. FULL NAME  Include your birth name, nickname or the name you go by

2. BIRTH DATE (Month, Day and Year)

3. BIRTH TIME If you don't know the exact time, please try to get as close as possible. If you know it was early morning, please specify if that means closer to 2am or 6am, or better yet, 2:05am. If you do not know at all, then we can try to rectify your chart or do a moon chart reading.  For chart rectification, please send in advance at least 3 exact dates (month, day, year) of major life events (such as marriage, divorce, deaths or births in the family, higher degrees earned, major moves in career or residence, spiritual awakenings or meetings with teachers)

4. PLACE OF BIRTH If you were born in a remote area or on a military base, please include the closest city.

5. ANY SPECIFIC OR GENERAL QUESTIONS you might have about career, love, family, relationships, health, etc.  If you have a “burning” question, please note the date, time and place the question arose and we can do a “prashna” chart specific to the question.  However, it is not necessary to have any questions.  What needs to be addressed in the reading will be addressed.

6. ANYTHING INTERESTING OR UNUSUAL ABOUT YOUR BIRTH OR LIFE such as being adopted or premature, being a twin, any accidents you might have been in, etc.

Please mail payments to:
Alexia Neonakis
888 Plains Road
Wallkill, NY  12589

Or make a payment through paypal.


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